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Makes Sci Fi Designs on Manchester House

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Makes Sci Fi Designs on Manchester House Empty Makes Sci Fi Designs on Manchester House

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:29 am

Makes Sci Fi Designs on Manchester House

Published on 15-10-2007 by
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Make has made their Manchester debut with these plans for a new 27 storey tower mixed use tower looking like it belongs in Doctor Who.

Located in the Manchester on the Manchester House site, an obsolete office building on the fringe of the Spinningfields project, the project not very imaginatively entitled "the Manchester" is being developed by Allied London.

The scheme consists of an almost exact 50/50 split between roughly 200 apartments and a 200 bedroom hotel with the hotel floors taking up the lowest 12 levels and then topped by the subsequent 12 levels of residential. They stand above three floors containing the lobbies for the accommodation plus space for restaurants.

It's these lowest three floors that are airy with smooth glass cladding firmly hugging the curves of the buildings footprint. They contrast strongly with the main block of the building that has metallic vertical ribbons over black cladding that gradually fades as it wraps round the structure.

Sitting behind it is the translucent glazing, revealed in vertical stripes that irregularly pattern the sides subverting the fenestration seen in the Beetham Tower and the approved plans for the Piccadilly Tower.

The tip employs a clever visual trick that takes the curving top of the tower that runs horizontally and manages to incorporate this vertically into the fašade creating the impression of the glass corner upper corner being revealed from beneath a dark curving quarter circle.

Despite being unlike anything penned for Manchester up to the present, Make have managed to create a futuristic project that remains Mancunian in spirit - the slightly dystopian design could have walked straight out of a Joy Division song.

Allied London hope that they can begin work on the Manchester House replacement as soon as in 2008 for a 2011 finish and are already looking for a hotel operator to anchor what will be one of the most distinctive tall buildings in the city.

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