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Post by DogsBlog on Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:01 am

Hi forum!

My name is Kim. I run the dog rehoming website - I've been given permission to tell you all a bit about the site and hope this is of interest.

We set up DogsBlog at the start of 2007 with one very simple aim. To put as many dogs as possible who are in the UK rehoming system all under the same 'roof' at the same time. So the site is designed to be really easy to use and focuses only on matching people with the right dog for them. It doesn't give prominence to any of the 80 or more charities - so it's a level playing field - all rescues, large or small are given exactly the same level of publicity on the site so it really is all about the dogs who are looking for new homes. Any rescues who would like to take a section on the site (no cost/virtually no admin involved), please don't hesitate to get in touch.

So far the site has seen more than 1,700 get new homes and we've been really delighted with how well it has turned out.

I have pretty much managed the site myself to date but now, as it grows, I feel I could really use some help from people who are perhaps interested in helping rescue dogs and can spare a few hours a week to simply help with adding dogs to the site and liaising with rescues in terms of getting updates on dogs status - whether they have found new homes etc.

It is a perfect opportunity for anyone who would like to contribute something positive to animal welfare but who perhaps can't get involved at a 'wellies and rubber gloves' level!

Ideally we'd just like someone who is reasonably computer literate and can get to grips with posting images and making sure each dog is listed properly. Of course, full instructions will be given but I did just want to stress that part about it being helpful that people are reasonably familiar posting information as we have had fantastic, well meaning folks who have offered to help but who haven't necessarily been savvy enough to get to grips with posting the information properly, which sadly has the knock on effect of making it even harder and more time consuming to the run the site! To give you a rough idea, if you are competent at being able to post on web forum, add pictures and tick boxes, you should be able to do it standing on your head!

We will even set you up with a demo account so you can practice posting some dog's details just to get the hang of it.

Thank you.


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